Zaman Kamus Dwibahasa has been specially planned and compiled for pupils studying in primary schools. This dictionary is compiled in two languages (Bahasa Melayu - Bahasa Inggeris) to help pupils in learning the languages as well as be proficient in them. It also widens the pupils' vocabulary. This dictionary also covers essential Science & Maths terms in Malay and English. Whereby they are useful in the process of teaching and learning Science & Maths in English. This dictionary contains approximately 11,000 English entries and 10,000 Malay entries.

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This dictionary has been compiled for users who wish to strengthen their Malay language. It contains approximately 20,000 words which consists of 13,000 root words and 11,000 derivatives. In addition, new terminology composed from time to time, has been included to make it suitable for present requirements. The dictionary not only explains the meaning of the words, but also illustrated the use of the words. These sentences give a more accurate usage of the word. Sometimes to further clarify the meaning, illustrations are given.

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  • The most comprehensive dictionary in the Malay language: about 55,000 listed words.
  • The most authoritative dictionary publishes since the introduction of the new spelling system.
  • Over 5 year of compilation to cover in detail the full extent of the Malay language.
  • Definitions and meanings in clear, concise and lucid explanations.
  • Definitions and meanings with English equivalents.

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Times Kamus Dwibahasa concentrates on those words which are frequently used in everyday communication both orally and in writing. This dictionary provides a complete reference for learners and is a source of valuable guidance. This dictionary contains:

  • Science & Technology graphic with notes
  • Over 5000 bilingual Science & Maths terms
  • Over 40,000 word references of Inggeris - Melayu and Melayu - Inggeris

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